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Manufacturers – Are you solving the right problem?

Manufacturers – Are you solving the right automation problem?

We’re starting to see an uptake in the use of industrial robots here in the UK and that has to be a good thing. The introduction of any automation into our manufacturing operations must be applauded.

But wait a minute – are we addressing the real problem or just cementing inefficiencies into our production processes? Interesting points raised by Chris Stergiou in his article: ‘Automate the Process Not the Worker’Automate the Process Not the Worker!Before implementing robotics or any other automation we need to objectively view the complete manufacturing process.

  • Is it an efficient process?
  • Will eliminating an operator or operators make it more efficient or increase productivity?
  • Could a change in the product, process or process equipment yield higher returns?
  • Maybe a bespoke piece of equipment is a better long-term proposition?

Identifying the root cause of the need is where we can help. With 35 years of specialist machine building knowledge behind us, we not only design and manufacture highly successful automated products, we also listen and advise.

Consultancy is at the core of who we are, analysis of the issue and solving your problem is our first priority. Whatever you require we are here to help, so please get in touch, email, call: 01844 355 591 or complete our contact form, for a no obligation consultation.

View examples of some of our projects covering process automation, illustrating our consultancy approach and videos of our implemented projects.

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