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Recent Projects

Tube, Plug & Ball Feed Systems for Medical Device Application.

Tube, Plug & Ball Feeding System

Three differing product requirements for a medical device application, one effective piece of automation – marrying GRIMM bowl feeders and our bespoke specialist machinery with the clients processing system.

  1. TUBES
    This system is designed to automatically feed 9mm wide x 80mm long mast tubes at a minimum rate of 20 parts/min. A 520mm diameter bowl feeder feeds the tubes end to end, in a random selection pattern, in a horizontal orientation and onto a conveyor.A series of pneumatically operated stops allows the parts to be separated from each other as they advance along the conveyor, before reaching a simple escapement which slides the parts into a nest for pick up and orientation by the client’s own equipment.
  2. PLUGS
    Taking 6mm wide x 10.5mm long plugs at a minimum rate of 20 parts/min, this equipment automatically feeds the plugs from a 390mm diameter bowl feeder. The plugs are then randomly selected and fed end to end, in a horizontal trajectory, into a quadrant whereby gravity allows the plugs through the quadrant and then into a vertical trajectory.An escapement beneath the quadrant is then used to slide the plugs into a blow feed device for transfer into the client’s machine – in excess of over 10 metres away.
  3. BALLS
    Sphere shapes measuring 7.5mm diameter are automatically fed at a minimum rate of 20 parts/min from a 390mm diameter bowl feeder, which in turn feeds the balls into a feed tube in the bowls base. Gravity is used to feed the balls through the tube and into an escapement below, in turn feeding into a blow feed device which transfers the balls over 10 metres to the clients machinery.

Sit back and enjoy our short video and if we can help with your parts feeding, sorting or counting systems please get in touch.

Tube, Plug & Ball Feeding System
Tube, Plug & Ball Feeding System
Tube, Plug & Ball Feeding System


Cap Feeder System for Biotech

It’s the small things that matter. It’s not every day you think about the cap on your toothpaste, medication or day to day liquid holders but when we were asked to produce a cap feeding system for a UK based Biotech Automation company we locked in our best thinkers.

Utilising GRIMM hardware for the hopper, bowl feeder and linear track, the entire system was designed and manufactured by our engineers at our Maidenhead factory.

The system feeds 30 parts per minute, features a neat twist to turn the caps over for picking from the dead nest, which then allows for the clients pick up head to integrate seamlessly and continue the processing.

The hopper also ensures the bowl feeder is always filled to an optimum level for reliable and consistent feed rates.

Sit back and enjoy our short video and if we can help with your parts feeding, sorting or counting systems please get in touch.


DAS XYZ Gantry

Design & Automation Solutions were asked by a globally recognised brand (NDA’s prevent further details) to provide a high-performance powered gantry system, capable of automatically tracking the position of a moving robot within a 9m x 6m x 2.5m volume. The gantry was also required to provide an 80Kg winch function. Sit back and enjoy the installation video!

View Gantry Details & Specifications

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LED-Leg Former Black

This machine tests, forms and sorts 1800 LEDs an hour into 5 pass grades and fail. The machine feeds the untested LEDs from a Grimm bowl feeder and linear track into our custom testing transfer mechanism. Each infrared LED is tested for brightness and assuming is meets the pass grade is formed before being put into its corresponding graded bin, on the carousel below.

Operator loading the LEDs

LED before and after

LED before and after

Transfer mechanism, chute & carousel


This machine is integrated with a Bäckman Shot Peening Machine to automatically “Scragg” a pair of automotive springs. The machine can process up to 1200 springs per hour depending on length and with a force of up to 15Kn. The pre-stressing or “Scragging” improves the performance of the spring.

Automated Spring Scragging
Automated Spring Scragging


This machine is integrated with an Arburg Injection Moulding Machine and an Apex Robot to automatically remove the sprue from a pair of automotive mouldings and accurately apply a self-adhesive foam gasket. The part is now finished within the moulding cycle time and no further operations are needed.

Gasket on Moulding
Gasket on Moulding


This machine automatically applies a self-adhesive gasket to a range of plastic mouldings used in domestic & commercial electrical products. The mouldings have the gaskets applied in batches and then a second machine applies a range of fascias’ in different materials to customise the product.

Self-adhesive gasket
Automatic gasket application


This machine automatically wraps a self-adhesive label around a cocktail stick to produce a marker flag. The flags can be produced at a rate of 2400 flags per hour with a high degree of accuracy.

Automatically wraps a self-adhesive label
Automatically wraps label


This machine automatically feeds and orientates plastic roof studs for the automotive industry at a rate of 30 parts per minute. The roof studs are separated and placed in a series of grippers on a servo slide. A bead of adhesive is applied to the base of each part and checked with a vision system. The studs are picked 6 at a time by a robot and transferred to the vehicle roof.

Stud feeding system
Feeds and orientates plastic roof studs


This machine automatically folds an outer cover around a pack of business cards after stapling them together. Careful handling of the covers is required as they have a pre-applied adhesive tape attached. Light guards are incorporated for operator safety.

Business card cover
Automatically folds an outer cover


This system automatically produces staples from band made with 250 wires at speeds of up to 320 parts per minute. Working closely with our colleagues at Rudolf Grauer AG in Switzerland we have designed and manufactured a number of systems for the handling and packing of No 10, 24/6, 26/6 and similar staples. The No 10 machine can pack up to 4800 cartons of staples each containing 1000 staples per hour, running 24 hours per day.

No 10 Staple

No 10 Staple Packing Line

No 10 Staple Packing Line

No 10 Staple Packing Line

No 10 Staple Packing Integration

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