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Choosing the Right Systems Integrator for You

In the last 20 years, plants across multiple industries, world-wide, have removed their in-house machine development resources, forcing all new equipment design (required to help their businesses grow and develop) into the hands of subcontracted systems integrators.

However, outsourcing the design and build of new machines is a very attractive option. It’s undoubtedly more cost effective and often more suitable to the project requirements. It does, however, leave you with the question: “how do I select a systems integrator?”

After the initial niche search for your unique requirements, which often comes back with limited results (unless conventional automation systems are suitable), you start to find the specialist bespoke machine builders, but how do you narrow down that selection?

In our 35+ years of experience, we have found that people have just used basic metrics to decide which systems integrator to use. What is missed from basic metrics is how well your business is going to integrate with theirs and this is where our heritage in customer engagement comes in.

You should be looking for a partner, a company which works alongside yours, learning your subtle intricacies, advising how future production could work alongside your current equipment – supporting your plant to help you get the most out of it. Good communication, transparency and co-operation, working as team between supplier and client, leads to the very best solutions.

The new equipment you want for your plant will be with you for years and so it is vital that you get not only the most complete solution for your needs but also the most future proof for your business.

In conclusion you are looking for a systems integrator which will develop with you, becoming a key part of your long-term success and business growth.

Securing a close partnership, that extends further than just a one-off purchase and short-term technical expertise, will deliver a company which not only scores well on your metrics but also welcomes the prospect of becoming your long-term strategic partner.

So why DAS?

  • Small, agile company which will seamlessly fit into your current business
  • We are passionate about partnerships – we want to be part of the development of your product from day one
  • We’re hugely experienced with decades of knowledge in the automation industry
  • We know how to solve the right problem
  • We use standard components where possible to make the servicing and maintenance as simple and cost effective as possible
  • Focused and dedicated, we do not spread ourselves thinly. You deal with our owner so we can provide the service you want and deserve
  • Our machines are CE compliant
  • Customer defined updates – we will update you as little or often as you like
  • Proven track record

We have been at the forefront of bespoke machine building for over three decades, we understand the complexities of manufacturers needs and we’re not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

Get in touch to see how our automation legacy can help you.

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