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Automated Pre-stressing Machine

Innovative new automation system delivers enhanced lean manufacturing

Taking the stress out of pre-stressing, Design & Automation Solutions recently worked with European Springs & Pressings (ESP) delivering a unique system, with the design and manufacture of an automated spring pre-stressing machine. Design & Automation Solutions took conceptual ideas from ESP to design and deliver a new fully automated pre-stressing machine (which improves the life and load bearing capacity of a spring), reducing waste across multiple processes.

Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of ESP in Cornwall says: “Lean manufacturing has been key to our success and enhanced automation not only increases our efficiencies in operations and production but also on the balance sheet, as we estimate a pay-back period within just 5 years.”

Mick Stallwood, Director of Design & Automation Solutions concludes: “Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase productivity. Multiple factors demand more out of them and they demand more out of their equipment. This is where we step in. Our expertise in advancing processes with bespoke automation, have been utilised world-wide and to design a first for one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers, is something we’re very proud of.”

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