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Food Flag machine automation

Fantastic 40% increase for food flag machine!

Nearly doubling efficiency with an enhanced new jaw design, Design & Automation Solutions (DAS) are confidently confirming their position as a leading supplier in the automation equipment industry. The revised design of the ‘jaw’ mechanism on their Food Flag machine has resulted in a significant improvements in both accuracy and output.

Food Flag machine
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Mick Stallwood, Managing Director of DAS, says: “It’s all in the detail. Once we changed to a rotary jaw mechanism, allowing the system to fold the label around the toothpick, rather than using the toothpick to push the label into a forming jaw, we hit our eureka moment.
Transferring the label on to the vacuum jaws brought about its own set of issues but once resolved we were flying the flag! As engineers its challenges like this that makes us thrive, delivers overwhelming lean manufacturing results to our customers and sets us apart from the competition.”

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