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A Bit More About Us

Our team of engineers have backgrounds in many industry sectors and over 60 year’s experience between them. We work for clients who need design, project management, consultancy and special purpose machinery services within their manufacturing operations.   The machines we design and build are typically assembly, packaging or process equipment used in the medical device, automotive, electronics and office products industries. However, by the very nature of factory automation & special purpose machinery we get involved in many other industries. As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in many different industrial processes and techniques, including adhesives, moulding, stamping, parts handling, welding, drilling & cutting, vision systems, pneumatics, control systems, lasers and robotics. We not only design equipment, but assist clients with all aspects of their manufacturing requirements. This could start with design for manufacture & assembly (DFMA), looking at the product to ensure the most cost-effective manufacturing methods and processes are used. We can then advise on the most suitable equipment for this purpose and if necessary source it. If no “off the shelf” equipment is available, we can design and manufacture this equipment. We then manage the installation and commissioning of all the equipment, leaving the client with a fully functioning system. Not all clients want our full range of services and use us for as little or as much as they need. We are a partner and resource as and when required, helping our clients maintain their efficiency and profitability.
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